Not Your Average Graphic Designer

My name is Chris Jefferies, and I am a visual communicator utilizing the vehicles of the modern world.

He started off by saying "I'm the Alpha, Dog..."

Alpha Dog Customs owner Shawn Witt finally has a website that looks as good as the hand-carved rifles that roll off his work bench. In building the site, I found the best approach was to bring along a camera and let the Airborne Veteran's shop speak for itself. Of course, a helping of jQuery and Responsive design didn't hurt.

I'd be happy to tell you all about it, but why not just take a gander for yourself?

taking brands places

Soon after starting at tmp, I was tasked with a fully realizing the company's visual identity. With a complete revamp of the website, and a fresh set of presentation assets, we landed our biggest client yet: MillerCoors.

Print is Dead. Long Live Print.

DragonGrog is a web application that calculates combat statistics for table top roll playing games and generates print-ready files on a lean HTML5/CSS3 engine.

It's like fantasy football for nerds.