Selected Design Work

Rebranding tmp

Some trendy designs, an eye toward strategic placement, and a healthy helping of infographics made tmp's look what is today.

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Agency to Client Touchpoints

When I started at tmp, the start-up was making a name for itself in licensing, fulfillment and eCommerce, and it was time to stretch into the boutique agency space. Considering the website-building company's website at the time, it was a little bit of a roll up your sleeves and get to work scenario.

This is what I came up with.

Then, it just needed the clientele.

After working directly with the tmp's founder, executive team, and president, I set about developing a full suite of presentation assets for an upcoming pitch to the leadership of MillerCoors, LLC.

(spoiler alert: the underdog beat out the more established players and landed that contract)

Over the next year, I worked to pad out the remaining brand assets, even improving our relationships with current clients.

Coors Light eCommerce website (collaborative work).

USA Hockey Olympic Team design focus

Branded design series heavily leveraging Adobe Photoshop for a print and web campaign.

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it's in all of us - design campaign for USA Hockey Olympic Team

H & F Secure independent freelance client

Identity design and web development


Trident 120: an independently published comic

The non-stop action thrill ride follows four soldiers through a not-so-unimaginable future.

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Cover - Trident 120 by Chris Jefferies Page 1 CMYK Color Page 2 CMYK Color